Online Education

Online training in English and other languages

Online courses for foreign languages are designed for children from the age of 7, adolescents,  students, as well as adults.

Online training in foreign languages can be carried out in various forms:

  • Individual sessions
  • Activities in mini-groups of 2 or 3 persons;
  • Activities in groups of 4- 6 persons.

The results can be seen after 2 – 3 lessons.

In the“classroom“ the immersion in the language occurs from the first online lesson.

The teacher conducts classes in a foreign language, by adapting the vocabulary and speed of his speech to the language level of the students. He includes in the work various forms of individual and in pairs development of language materials.

Online lessons are also available. This is for those who feel that this is their way of learning a foreign language, where they will achieve the best success rate. The schedule, the length of time, can be formed according to your needs and free time.

Usually, a free introductory demonstration meeting with the future teacher is held first, after which an individual program is drawn up, to best meets your tasks.

 Activities are usually conveniently held on the ZOOM platform, and it’s possible, if you wish, to practice on Skype.

During the lesson, the teacher offers different forms of language material development, focusing on those exercises you need.

There is also a new look at the individual training – online activities in a mini-group of 2 – 3 people. This is both an opportunity for communication and personal attention of the teacher to the student.

Online group lessons.

According to the long experience of the language centers, it is understood, that the effectiveness of online classes in groups of 4-6 people is equal to the group training made life, and often even higher quality and more productive.

Choose a language center, that can offer you a truly individual approach, when it comes to online group learning. Training in which you fully participate and take part at all stages of the lesson.

During online group activities, you can actively speak, write and read in a foreign language, practice language skills in pairs, in a group, and dialogue with a teacher.

We can add, that when learning a language online, there is a possibility of changing interlocutors – which is very useful for your language practices.


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