What is coaching?

Timothy Golvey, one of the founders of coaching, gave to it a definition:

„The coaching is to maximize a person’s efficiency by fully revealing his or her inner potential.“

And the coach and human ability researcher Miles Downey says: „Coaching is an art of contributing to another person’s performance, learning, and development.“

So, coaching is not a method of therapy and does not heal, but can only add to the work of a psychologist and help people become more successful in what they do.

That is why coaching now is so up-to-date and popular. After all, today we all live seeking to be more successful than we were yesterday.

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Who’s called a coach?

Based on the above, we can say that a coach is a person who, with the help of questions and certain methods, leads you to the desired results. However, it is important to understand the difference between a coach, a mentor, and a preceptor.

The mentor or preceptor shows you how it’s right to do it. The coach will look for answers to your questions and requests with you, will reveal and show your inner potential. 

During the session, the coach will give feedback and support the client in developing the necessary skills, as a result of which, the client will receive a clear vision of the situation and by himself, he will take responsibility for achieving his results.

Life coaching

Life coaching is a type of coaching designed to fulfill the life of the client with joy, completeness, and harmony. Don’t confuse such a coach with a psychologist. If a psychologist is trying to find out the cause of the problem by deepening into a person’s past, then the coach helps to achieve this goal by working with the present and the future.


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