What is Management?

Four functions underpin management.

 They are joined together by a base – common processes, and it is assumed that the performance of the last function leads back to the first. This is called a management cycle.

Business management: a basis for action.

 1.      Planning.

The implementation of this function is at the heart of business development: you can’t achieve results if you do not have a clear goal and an idea of how to achieve them.

It is also necessary to identify the resources that are necessary to solve the tasks. Of course, planning alone is not a guarantee that all your ideas will come true. In the implementation process, the plan will require adjustments and supplements. However, this is the basis you need to move forward.

 2.      Organization.

This part of business management involves the creation of a particular structure. It is necessary to organize interaction between people performing different stages of work and determine who is responsible for solving each task.

 3.      Motivation.

 Every manager must give their employees motivation. Motivation is at the heart of employees ‘  activities, encouraging them to carry out tasks and stick to the plan. It is important to understand that motivation is determined by a set of basic needs that can constantly change.

Good management implies the leader’s ability to motivate employees to work efficiently, not just with the help of money.

 4.      Control.

The basis for the company’s successful management includes periodic verification of the organization’s work to see if the results are in line with the objectives.

 Good leadership skills are mandatory for the management

To be able to perform good management, take a look at your skills.

If you have your own business and plan to make management as efficient as possible,  you need to learn:

         business communication;


        rational organization of work;

        delegation of power;

        competent allocation of working time;

        prevention and resolution of possible conflicts;

        maintaining self-control in stressful situations.

 The basis of management, management of the company, organization, management of the business  are the four functions listed above:

Planning, organizing, motivating, control. The manager must devote some of his working hours to the important management functions, from planning to control.

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