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• Immersion
Immersion education offers an exciting opportunity for all TIS students to reach high levels of academic achievement and to acquire strong proficiency in English and another language.

This learning experience takes time and dedication from teachers, students, and their parents. The TIS immersion programs are designed to provide the necessary long-term learning environment that helps to build and strengthen children's English language skills and to enhance their cognitive and affective development.

Factual Information Concerning Immersion Language

How does language learning support academic achievement?

• Language learning correlates with higher academic achievement on standardized test measures. Increasingly, research has also demonstrated connections between math, music, and language skills. There are also correlations between language learning and students´ ability to hypothesize in science and increased linguistic awareness. The exposure to another language and culture enhances the understanding of the English language and American culture.

• Research on brain development in recent decades supports this claim, with wide discussion in the popular media. Childhood is the best time to develop an appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures, peoples, and perspectives in the world. Children learn language by listening and repeating, and don't have any fear of a "foreign" language. Immersion language is taught in the very same manner children already learn English - by speaking and repeating in context, which is very natural for children.

• Students are guaranteed to be challenged. Immersion learning takes extra effort from children (and parents) in that reading and writing skills need to be practiced in two languages, the students reading abilities accordingly benefit. A successful immersion program provides both gifted and special education assistance to meet the needs of all students.

• Children of today will need to be bilingual to be successful in the global society and economy of their adulthood. Language learning creates well-rounded World Citizen.

• Parents will be involved. In most districts, parents have to choose to send their child to an immersion school. It is expected that parents will be supportive of the school, the children, and each other. Involved parents are one of the most critical elements of a successful educational program.

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